VW Restore ("SEN"-91 Westy) A Vehicle worth saving!
SEN as I've called my '91 WESTY is a solid GL model that I looked long and hard for. He needed some immediate attention after purchase in July of 2009 and a long list of items was devised, some that could wait until money and time allowed. The name SEN comes from the abbreviated letters of the date that I took possession. Sen spent most of his life in Japan from what I can gather so I have chosen the Japanese translation of SEN="Wizard" as the true meaning of the name. There are several meanings to the word SEN so Wizard seems to be the most fitting. I think he has some sort of Wizardly power to have avoided virtually any serious rust since her conception in 1991. Although the Vanagon is the farthest thing from it I think SHINKANSEN (Japanese Bullet train) is a worthy long version of the name SEN...

Monday, January 4, 2010

More parts replace Summer '09.

The following parts were replaced/added during the summer/fall of '09:

-Shady Boy Awning. Silver fabric.
-Speedo Cable (now the speedometer, odometer and the Cruise Control works!).
-Added rear storage hammock over bed.
-Added battery powered LED lamp to the right of the rear bench seat for reading/eating.
-Added convex mirrors to side-view mirrors.
-Replaced missing defrost lever knob.
-Added GoWesty Rear Hatch removable lock extention (for ventilation while sleeping).
-Water reservoir hatch key (previously missing).
-Oil & filter Change; Synthetic (5W40 Lubro Moly) and Mann filter.
-Coolant Fluid Conditioner added.
-Gas Tank expansion tank elbow hoses replaced (leaking every time we filled up the tank).
-A-arm bushings lubricated (to attempt to quieten the squeaking of the front suspention.
-Vacuum hose replaced (looked suspect)
-Brakes re-bled and front brakes adjusted (to retain the feel the brakes had prior to replacing the two rear wheel cylinders).
-Heater control cable snapped and had to be shorten and re-attached.
-Wiper blade rubber replaced.

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