VW Restore ("SEN"-91 Westy) A Vehicle worth saving!
SEN as I've called my '91 WESTY is a solid GL model that I looked long and hard for. He needed some immediate attention after purchase in July of 2009 and a long list of items was devised, some that could wait until money and time allowed. The name SEN comes from the abbreviated letters of the date that I took possession. Sen spent most of his life in Japan from what I can gather so I have chosen the Japanese translation of SEN="Wizard" as the true meaning of the name. There are several meanings to the word SEN so Wizard seems to be the most fitting. I think he has some sort of Wizardly power to have avoided virtually any serious rust since her conception in 1991. Although the Vanagon is the farthest thing from it I think SHINKANSEN (Japanese Bullet train) is a worthy long version of the name SEN...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping Trip to Tofino, BC.  Great place for surfing and kite surfing if you know how.  Kayaking opportunities are also plentiful around the Peninsula.  If you go, research your campsites;  Crystyal Cove is where we stayed for $55+tax/night!  The site that we were at was extremely close to our two neighbours but the facilities are immaculately clean.  Good location too.  We checked out the National Park campsites as well as the "Bella Pacifica" campsite.  The National Park sites, "Greenpoint" look Awesome and we'll be going back to camp there someday.  Much more space between sites and more of a camping feel to the place than Crystal Springs had.

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