VW Restore ("SEN"-91 Westy) A Vehicle worth saving!
SEN as I've called my '91 WESTY is a solid GL model that I looked long and hard for. He needed some immediate attention after purchase in July of 2009 and a long list of items was devised, some that could wait until money and time allowed. The name SEN comes from the abbreviated letters of the date that I took possession. Sen spent most of his life in Japan from what I can gather so I have chosen the Japanese translation of SEN="Wizard" as the true meaning of the name. There are several meanings to the word SEN so Wizard seems to be the most fitting. I think he has some sort of Wizardly power to have avoided virtually any serious rust since her conception in 1991. Although the Vanagon is the farthest thing from it I think SHINKANSEN (Japanese Bullet train) is a worthy long version of the name SEN...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More engine running issues.

Had some stalling lately at stop signs or lights;  dropped off  SEN at the local shop to diagnose the problem.  Apparently the AFM failed so had a used one installed.  Friday of last week I picked up the van after having replaced the gas tank, fuel filter, tank seals, catalytic converter and used Air Flow Meter with Tantulum capacitor.  Drove home, changed oil for first time since engine overhaul, then drove downtown and experienced the same "Vanagon syndrome" symtoms of stalling out.  ...So back in the shop; Apparently the used AFM failed too as well as my Idle Control Module.   Also, in diagnosing the running problem it was determined that my Ignition coil was way too hot to touch and as a preventative measure I had that replaced too.  Also had the Go Westy Transmission cooler installed, alleviating any fear that the original unit could fail and toast both my newly rebuilt engine and transmission.

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